Your core team


Recovering from a hip fracture is not something you do alone. It is important to know that you will have a great deal of support and guidance throughout this process. From day one, there will be a team of specialists who are committed to your successful recovery.

  • You – You are the most crucial member of the recovery team because your active participation in your rehabilitation and exercises are valuable to the success of your recovery.
  • Clinical nursing staff – Nurses will monitor you and provide daily care. Nurses are typically the first people to answer questions and listen to concerns. They also are in charge of managing your pain medication while you are in the hospital.
  • Orthopaedic surgeon – Your orthopaedic surgeon will repair your hip and guide your treatment.
  • Therapists – Your physical and occupational therapists teach you exercises that build strength and aid recovery. You will also be taught how to move around safely while you heal and how to participate in normal daily activities once you leave the hospital.
  • Home Care Discharge Planners – Surgery can be a difficult and emotional time. A home care discharge planner is available before and after your surgery to talk to you about concerns. They can also solve logistical problems such as transportation and rental of medical equipment such as wheelchairs.
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