Total Hip Replacements in Mumbai – Hip Implant Technology

Total Hip Replacements in Mumbai – Hip Implant Technology- Dr. Sanjay Agarwala is the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, PatkarMarg, (Hughes Road), Opera House, Mumbai who will help you out with the best.Total Hip Replacements in Mumbai - Hip Implant Technology

Reclaim your active lifestyle

Men and women of all ages can be affected by a hip fracture. Recovering from surgery takes time – even up to a year. Dedication to physical therapy and exercises detailed by your healthcare provider is the key to the success of your recovery.

The long term goal of hip fracture surgery is to provide pain relief, help restore normal daily activities and help enhance your quality of life. This information provides an explanation of what to expect after you have had hip fracture surgery. It also provides helpful guidelines for when returning home from the hospital.

Hip Implant Technology

Hard on hard bearing surface like large head ceramic on ceramic is the current replacement option available which offers normal functional activities, less wear rate and reduced chances of dislocation and last longer for almost 20-25 years.

The advantages of large head ceramic on ceramic THR is increased range of motion. Patients can squat, sit crosslegged and even use the Indian toilet !

There is reduced chance for impingement and subsequent dislocation. A larger femoral head travels a greater distance before subluxating or dislocating, hence safer.

There is greater longevity due to reduced wear.

Whether a total hip replacement or a total hip resurfacing is the procedure of choice for a specific patient is dependent on a variety of factors. I offer large head ceramic on ceramic arthroplasty. In certain cases, cup with screw (ceramic / metal head on highly crosslinked polyethylene bearing surface) or cemented option has to be used.

The femoral head size varies from 28 to 44 based on kind of particular joint being selected for the patient..