Total Knee Replacements in Mumbai

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Thank you for opting to have your surgery done with us.

I hope that you are cognizant of the other methods of treatment of your problem which has been discussed with you by me, my staff and assistants in my clinic, in advance, at the time of your consultation, and I trust if you have had any queries, they have been answered.

Based on our discussions, we have determined the suggested plan of action as the best option under the circumstances, keeping in mind your requirements and our current expertise.

To help you understand the process, I am comparing it to taking a flight from Mumbai to a foreign destination.

Just like before a flight, you need passports, visa, ticket bookings, like-wise for the operation, you need to book a date for admission and a date and time for surgery.

Just like the visa process, we need to know that you are fit for surgery and therefore, you need to share your medical history with us, alongwith ALL the medication that you normally take including tablets such as Aspirin and Clopilet which are blood thinners and can cause bleeding at the time of surgery, and medication for Asthma (you may need more oxygen during the surgery) and Diabetes (if your blood sugars are high, then wound healing is very poor). All inputs by you help make us more prepared to help you.

Specific medication & conditions of the heart (ECG, 2D Echo), lungs (PFT/X-rays), liver and kidney etc., need to be known as various drugs can interact with these functions. The physical act of giving you anesthesia may require extra tests like specialized x-rays of your spine, CT or MRI screening of parts of your body, so that we are better prepared to tackle your spinal position during the process of the surgery.

Just like you have a security check before taking a flight, we need the Physician and the Anesthetist to look through these pre-operative medical reports and to examine you so that we may reduce the risks still further.

Just like in an aircraft before take-off, there is a safety drill in case of any risks, likewise, in any surgery we are taking RISKS but minimizing it by trying to cover as many events as we can.

Just as every landing at an airport, the pilot has to contend with cross-winds, haze, other flights, weather changes, quality of communication etc., similarly every surgical procedure is individualized, some are longer, some are shorter and there are multiple variables.

The OTC is like a ticket. Just like you pay for a ticket before your travel. The Hospital expects you to do an OTC (Operation Theatre Clearance) so that the hospital and you are both aware of the expected expenses. Against your paid ticket you get a boarding pass, likewise against an OTC, the institution permits you to be taken to the theatre for surgery. This is based on averages, but in your individual case the total expenses may be more if there are complications or emergency requirements which may or may not be related to the actual surgical procedure.

You need to be aware therefore that this is an estimate only based on an AVERAGE and is NOT a PACKAGE.

Recovery thereafter is a natural process, and we as doctors help nature help you, with medication, nursing, physiotherapy and other techniques required for your recovery. I reiterate that healing is a process dictated by nature, we only help in this. Just as nature has storms, weather changes, etc, recovery can sometimes in your individual cases be slower and therefore worrisome to you.

Such delays are also worrisome to us as individuals and as a team. The nurses, other staff and my team help the recovery process. Your concerns will be addressed.

Just like in the airline industry the cost of the ticket for travel supports the airline staff, the salaries, the fuel for the aircraft etc., for our team to successfully execute the whole process, there is staff in the hospital which is supported by the expenses incurred for your case, for administration, security, laundry, dining, meals, air-conditioning, water, catering etc.,

Like certain budget airlines offer cheaper fares and skeleton services many doctors and medical facilities will be able to offer you these at lesser rates. In our institutions we have overheads to ensure that checks and measures are carried out for your safety and these necessitate the charges quoted by us.

Just like in any travel there is an Economy class or Business Class or First class at different charges, helping you reach the same destination, similarly in the hospital there are various classes of admission with different levels of comfort, helping you attain the best results. My team’s training, experience, etc., should make this a smooth landing.

I hope this helps you understand the process and I really look forward to greeting you on the other side with every success in your case.


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Once you have been diagnosed with arthritis, it is a matter of finding the right treatment for you depending on the kind of arthritis you have, how bad it is and how it is affects you. Temporary treatment solutions are Medications, Physiotherapy, Injections into the joint, Arthroscopy and joint wash and Osteotomy. The result varies depending on factors such as age, severity of disease, obesity and osteoporosis. Often, the only permanent solution for pain relief and return of function is Total joint replacement.

Total Knee Replacements in Mumbai knee3 Total Knee Replacements in Mumbai - Dr. Sanjay Agarwala Total Knee Replacements in Mumbai - Dr. Sanjay Agarwala

Benefits from a joint replacement surgery:

1. Reduced joint pain

2. Increased mobility

3. Increased strength

4. Correction of deformity

5. Restoration of limb-length

6. Improved quality of life

Total joint replacement essentially replaces the old, worn-out surfaces of the joint, with an artificial joint, which is made of metal alloys, ceramics and plastics. These high- quality joints resemble the normal joint closely and are durable, lasting for almost 15 to 20 years.

 High Flexion Knees

 There are various types of knee implants available in the market today. Their cost varies depending on the amount of flexion (bending) they provide, and other design perspectives.

Why do I need high flexion knees?

Many daily activities in the Asian sub continent require the ability to flex the knee beyond 125 degrees. Consider climbing stairs (75- 140 degrees), sitting in a chair and standing up again (90-130 degrees), or squatting (130-150 degrees). For patients with the ability and desire to perform high-flexion activities, implant design should not limit postoperative range of motion.

What is the latest in knee replacement?

Joint replacement has been fine-tuned, standardized and perfected over the last three decades. Recent innovation of knee design is a breakthrough where complete flexion can be achieved. Earlier implants provided only pain relief while newer ones offer the additional advantage of full functional recovery.(make this bold)

Some people may think it’s better to delay surgery until they’re older because they believe that knee implants don’t last long. These newer knees are designed for patients who want their knee replacement to accommodate normal movements while significantly minimizing implant wear as compared to traditional knees. Minimizing implant wear can in turn help your knee replacement last longer.

TKR HI-Flex4
TKR HI-Flex2

What are the types of High Flex knees?

Rotating Platform (Mobile Bearing) and Posterior Stabilized High Flex knee system are the two types of high flex knees. They are designed to provide high knee flexion (bending) up to 155 degrees. This means that with appropriate rehabilitation a patient can resume an active life style after total knee replacement prolonged kneeling, squatting and cross legged sitting.

Complete knee bending is a prerequisite for patients of Asia, more so in the Indian continent due to socio-cultural requirements. For this very reason, I has been offering this procedure to all his patients.

Box Osteotomy



For more information you can read the following booklet  (click to open): Osteotomy Booklet

For Preoperative & Post Operative Exercises please see Exercise charts in Gallery (click to view)