Ingrown Toe Nail

In-grown toe nail is one of the most common problems encountered by young adults provoking pain, inflammation and functional limitations. Most commonly occurs in the Great Toe rarely other toe nails are involved. Of the various causes that have been proposed, the two main causes are tight shoes and incorrect nail trimming technique.

Patients complain of pain, later drainage and infection develop. Leading to loss of labour, difficulty in wearing shoes, cosmetic problems, and consequently extreme difficulty in daily activities.
The most important aspect of this treatment is to prevent recurrence.

Surgical treatment options include the Winograd technique (paper published by me in Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery – Asia/Pacific: Agarwala S et al. Neutralized Chemical Matricectomy with the Winograd Method in the Management of Ingrowing Toenail. JFASAP. 2014;1:55–9.) when combined with neutralized Phenol Matricectomy, is associated with a very low recurrence and infection rate allowing early post-operative recovery and good cosmetic recovery with a high level of patient satisfaction.

Intra-Operation Picture 1 - Ingrown Toe Nail Mumbai

Intra-Operation Picture 1
Intra-Operation Picture 2 - Ingrown Toe Nail Mumbai

Intra-Operation Picture 2
Intra-Operation Picture 3 - Ingrown Toe Nail Mumbai

Intra-Operation Picture 3
Toenail Postoperative Picture - Ingrown Toe Nail Mumbai

Toenail Postoperative Picture