Top Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Mumbai – Fractures

Top Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Mumbai – Fractures- Dr. Sanjay Agarwala is the best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, PatkarMarg, (Hughes Road), Opera House, Mumbai who will help you out with the best.Top Best Orthopaedic Doctor in Mumbai - Fractures


Fractures can happen in patient’s of all age groups, secondary to Road traffic accidents, households falls, etc., and we as an Institution are recognized for management of all types of standard and complex fractures.

I have a State-of- Art facility from operation theatre to instrumentation use special and advanced implants like Locking Compression Plates (LCP), which helps the patients to mobilize faster.

Our hospital is recognized as one of the AO Centres in India by the AO Trauma Organization, Switzerland of which I which am the Chairman of the Western Region AO Foundation Western India Chapter for teaching of fracture management.

Fracture healing is a NATURAL process. As surgeons we attempt to optimize the alignment of the bone so that NATURAL healing can proceed in the best possible way.

Just like setting and curing of curd from milk at home needs the natural process of bacterial activity, appropriate time and temperature under optimal conditions….Similarly, healing of fracture is achieved on providing optimum alignment which is held in position with the fixation technique and an appropriate implant.

Older techniques of holding fractures with plaster could not align and hold the fracture as accurately except for un-displaced fractures. Surgical fracture fixation is a superior technique.

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