Teaching and Training

Dr. Agarwala has conducted several teaching programmes to the Orthopedic faculty all over India. Under the chairmanship of Dr. Sanjay Agarwala there is a DNB training in Orthopedics recognized by the National Board where postgraduate students in Orthopedics are trained at Hinduja Hospital.
He is the Chairman of the AO Foundation Western India Chapter for teaching of fracture management, and the Hinduja Hospital has been recognized as an AO centre of excellence, one of the 5 in the country.

His main areas of interest are joint replacement surgery, where he is a pioneer in performing normal physiology joint replacements. Patients can resume activities like yoga and exercises after surgery with a close to normal and improved quality of life.
He also performs arthroscopic surgery of the knee, complex fracture fixation using the Swiss AO techniques, re-implantation and micro surgical work for limb salvage and restitution. Being conversant with the use of the surgical microscope Dr. Agarwala was the first Orthopedic Surgeon in India to offer Micro Lumbar Discectomy for selected cases. He continues to perform Microdiscectomies but has moved away from various spine procedures which are now handled by his associates.