Joint replacement surgery has given years of pain-free living to millions of arthritics all over the world. With advanced materials and surgical techniques, and the efforts of orthopaedic surgeons working with bio-engineers, the future is promising for those who choose to have a total joint replacement.

Who needs a joint replacement?

Patients with severe joint pains, affecting their bodily functions and causing restriction of movement, and who are well motivated, are candidates for surgery.

Initially, patients with arthritis are treated with non-surgical modalities, like medications, physiotherapy and orthoses (like knee-caps, walking sticks, etc). It is only when these modalities too cannot control symptoms, that I advice surgery.

What’s new in hip replacement?

Hard on hard bearing surface like large head ceramic on ceramic is the current replacement option available which offers normal functional activities, less wear rate and reduced chances of dislocation and last longer for almost 20-25 years.

What are the advantages of large head ceramic on ceramic THR?

Increased range of motion. Patients can squat, sit crosslegged and even use the Indian toilet !

Reduced chance for impingement and subsequent dislocation. A larger femoral head travel a greater distance before subluxating or dislocating, hence safer.

Greater longevity due to reduced wear.

For more information you can also read this booklet (click to open): Joint Replacement Information Booklet

For Preoperative & Post Operative Exercises please see Exercise charts in Gallery (click to view)